Quiet Title Actions

After nearly a decade of service to Jacksonville and Duval County, Hussein & Webber, PL is pleased to announce the formation of our Quiet Title practice.

Our attorneys have a combined 20 years of legal experience, with work as former in-house counsel to Fidelity National Financial, one of the largest title insurance companies in the United States.

Tax Deed Focus

The Quiet Title component of our law practice is focused exclusively on tax deed sales.

Our Fees

As active tax deed investors, we understand the need to control costs and legal time frames in the pursuit of marketable title. For this reason, our firm handles each case on a flat-fee basis.

  • Simple Quiet Title (1-3 defendants; personal service; no decedents; uncontested): $3,500.00 (excluding costs)
  • Intermediate Quiet Title (4-5 defendants; and/or constructive service; and/or guardian ad litem): $4,500.00 (excluding costs)
  • Advanced Quiet Title (6+ defendants; and/or unprobated estate; and/or ejectment; and/or contested): $6,000-$8000.00 (excluding costs)

Time of Completion

Although every case is unique, most Quiet Title actions handled by our firm can be completed in 90-120 days.

Contact Us

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