DEFENSE ATTORNEY, counsel in the above-captioned case, requests that this Court enter an Order permitting the undersigned to withdraw as counsel for the above-named Defendant.  As grounds for this Motion, the undersigned states as follows:

  1. The undersigned represents the Defendant in the above-captioned case in which she is charged with one count of Petit Theft (M2).
  2. The undersigned has a conflict with representation of Defendant in that this office previously represented Jane Doe, a co-defendant with regard to the same incident, in case number 05-2011-MM-016237-BXXX. The undersigned represented Ms. Doe through trial, and obtained an acquittal in the case.
  3. Representation of the above-named defendants would create the appearance of impropriety, would give rise to impermissible conflicts of interest, and would raise issues with regard to the maintenance of client confidentiality.

WHEREFORE, the undersigned counsel respectfully requests this Honorable Court grant this Motion to Withdraw as counsel for the above-named Defendant.