Under Section 827.04, Florida Statutes, Contributing to Child Delinquency is defined as an act by an adult that:

  1. Causes, encourages, or contributes to a child becoming a delinquent or a child in need of services, or
  2. Induces by act, threat, command, or persuasion, a child to commit acts or live in a manner that results in delinquency or in a need for services.

What is Delinquency?

A “delinquent act” is defined as “a violation of any law of this state, the United States, or any other state” which is criminal and punishable by incarceration.  See Section 984.03(55), Fla. Stat.

Child in “Need of Services”

A child in “need of services” means a child that:

  • Persistently runs away from his/her parents or legal custodians; or
  • Is truant from school; or
  • Disobeys the reasonable and lawful demands of his/her parents or legal custodians, and to be beyond their control.

Penalties for Child Delinquency

Contributing to Child Delinquency is a first degree misdemeanor, with penalties of up 1 year in jail or twelve months probation.

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