With offices in Jacksonville and Orlando, our growth as a criminal defense law firm is owed to our experience in a broad range of practice areas. Shown below is a listing of the major offense types handled by our attorneys. For additional information about specific crimes, click on the links for each category.

If you have been arrested for a crime of violence in Jacksonville, Duval County, Clay County, Nassau County, St. Johns County, or the surrounding areas, contact Hussein & Webber, PL to discuss your case. Our attorneys have extensive experience with these types of charges, both at the misdemeanor and felony level.


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Representing individuals charged with drug crimes is a mainstay of our Jacksonville criminal defense practice. If you have been charged with a drug offense, it is critical that you speak with an experienced attorney in order to protect your rights and ensure that all legal measures are taken to contest the charge or to lessen the penalties you may face. Hiring an attorney with experience in fighting drug charges can drastically affect the outcome of your case. In some instances, it can make the difference between a dismissal and jail or prison.

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At Hussein & Webber, PL, our Jacksonville attorneys have extensive experience handling a wide range of property crimes, including burglary, trespass, and criminal mischief. Property offenses can carry severe penalties under Florida’s criminal punishment code, and such crimes are vigorously prosecuted both at the misdemeanor and felony levels. Burglary, for example, is automatically charged as a felony offense in Florida, and carries a guidelines score which mandates prison for even first-time offenders.

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In Florida, a violation of probation occurs where a defendant substantially and willfully violates the conditions of a probationary sentence.  Probation proceedings differ significantly from ordinary criminal cases due to a lower standard of proof and the lack of many procedural and constitutional protections.

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Representing clients accused of theft or fraud is a major component of our Jacksonville criminal practice. With the experience gained in hundreds of similar cases, the attorneys at Hussein & Webber, PL have the practical and technical knowledge to fight an array of theft and fraud charges.

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Traffic crimes are the most frequently prosecuted criminal offenses in Jacksonville and the State of Florida as a whole. A “traffic crime” can include any driving-related violation, which occurs while operating a motor vehicle on a public highway, and which carries criminal penalties as determined by the Florida legislature. Depending on the charge, a traffic offense can have serious penalties for the accused, including jail, probation, a loss of driving privileges, fines, and a permanent criminal record.

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Public order and obstruction crimes are offenses that concern the orderly functioning of the community, or the effective operation of law enforcement and the criminal justice system. Because of their direct effect on public order, these types of offenses are vigorously prosecuted in Jacksonville and the State of Florida as a whole. The State Attorney’s Office will frequently seek jail and a conviction for even minor offenses.

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Throughout the State of Florida, weapons crimes are among the most fiercely prosecuted of all criminal offenses. Florida law mandates harsh minimum mandatory prison sentences for numerous types of weapons-related charges. The 10/20/Life provisions of Section 775.087 mandates prison for no less than 17 types of offenses committed while in possession of a firearm. Defendants convicted of such charges receive 10 years if they merely possessed a firearm during the crime, 20 years for discharge of a firearm during the crime, and a life sentence for killing or inflicting injury with a gun during the crime.

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In Florida, expunging or sealing is the statutory process by which a person destroys or eliminates access to a criminal history record.  Both processes provide the same practical benefits: preventing public access to records and protecting the beneficiary from disclosure.

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If you have been arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in Jacksonville, Florida, contact the defense attorneys at Hussein & Webber, PL for a free consultation. DUI is a serious criminal offense that may carry misdemeanor or felony penalties, depending on the number of prior convictions and whether the incident caused death or serious bodily injury. A conviction will affect not just your criminal record, but your liberty, your financial well-being, your reputation, insurance premiums, and driving privileges for the long-term.

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