Attorney Fees

In Florida and throughout the United States, nearly 90 percent of defendants, when faced with a criminal prosecution, remain unrepresented or choose to rely on the services of the public defender’s office to handle their case. Despite overwhelming statistical evidence that private attorneys achieve lower incarceration rates, shorter sentences, and greater probabilities that a charge will be dropped or reduced, the vast majority of pro se defendants and public defender clients never even consider the possibility of hiring private counsel.

At Hussein & Webber, PL, we believe that one of the key reasons for this trend is the general lack of transparency by criminal defense attorneys with regard to costs. To address this issue, our law firm has published a range of suggested fees for the most commonly prosecuted criminal offenses. The listing is intended to show what we would typically charge to handle a particular type of criminal matter. These fees may vary according to the nature, complexity, and facts involved in a case.

Fees for our branches