The undersigned attorney, TROY J. WEBBER, of Hussein & Webber, P.L., 630 W. Adams Street, Suite 206, Jacksonville, FL 32204, hereby files this Notice of Appearance as counsel for Defendant in the above-styled cause.

Pursuant to Rule 3.160(a), Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure, the undersigned enters on Defendant’s behalf a Written Plea of Not Guilty to the offense(s) charged in this case. The undersigned respectfully requests that this Court, in its discretion, and under the provisions of Rule 3.190(c), permit the undersigned to enter this Written Plea of Not Guilty and hereafter file motions to dismiss the Information filed in this case at a later time allowed by the Court.

Pursuant to Rule 3.140(m), Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure, the Clerk of Court is hereby requested to furnish a copy of the Information, Indictment, or other Charging Document with endorsements thereon, by mail to the undersigned attorney at the address listed herein.

It is further requested that the Clerk of Court promptly notify the undersigned of the time and date of any hearings or appearances pertaining to the above-styled cause so as to ensure the prompt appearance of Defendant and counsel before the Court.